Tag: playstation

2011-11-17 07:11:46

Bethesda and their shitty QA.

I bought Skyrim for my PS3. It arrived yesterday and I had some time to try it out at night. At the very beginning of the game just after character creation when the pc is about to be butchered and the dragon arrives, the dragon used a shout to knock down people and the pc fell forward as well. Guess what; the game came to a full halt as well. Had to reboot the console.

Yes, I know. The game is a massive undertaking and may contain bugs just because of it's sheer size, but fuck! I can't play the first five or so minutes without a crash. Both Fallouts did the same until patch x^10 so it's nothing new, but it just makes me wonder.

2011-06-05 12:29:57

Playstation and the so called "welcome back bonus"

When I heard about Sony's welcome back programme, which is supposed to be a thank you for our patience while they dealt with the fallout of the break-in, I immediately thought something along the lines of: Fuck, they lose our personal information, possibly our credit card information too and as an apology they offer one month subscription to their paid service. Why not offer some LSD too on the side?

Way to think of possible ways to thank loyal customers of their patience, Sony marketing department!