Tag: Javascript

2011-09-23 17:57:19

Speed demon.

I made some modifications to the code again. Actually a quite large mod to the way javascript is loaded. I rewrote parts of the Yii CClientScript to use jsmin.php(I based this on an Yii extension which was iirc ClientScriptPacker).

Now if I make a modification to any of the included javascript files, the minified source packs get automatically regenerated and served with cache-busting. This adds the inconvenience of having to add all used js-libraries in a common init function for all controllers.

2011-05-20 15:28:20

No progress while ill.

Damn sore throat. I've been reading a whole lot of javascript books on my Kindle. Also I noticed some parts of this site don't work as well as I initially thought.

I'm going to fix it all as well as test some different approaches on loading the assets(There actually is a nice solution for this too in yii) when I'm well again, but today I think I'm going to invest my spare time in Fallout: New Vegas.

2011-04-25 15:35:20


Hahaa! I made some tests.

I took the old pallokorva.org(the one you see now) and put it head to head to the newest development version running elsewhere in a speed competition where the major criteria for winning is: How long will it take after typing in the address before I can read the text content of the page. The results are shocking. Dare I even write them down.

For the sake of getting some actual difference between the two I throttled the 20Mbit/sec adsl line down to mimic an old 11kbps modem(Of course it doesn't do similar latencies, but at least they were consistent over all test runs.) and emptied all caches. The php side has not been optimized in the new version in any way, so it played no role in the results.

2011-04-16 14:39:26

Learning javascript.

Nothing new in a while because I'm busy learning javascript.

Yeah, that's right. I've been coding javascript since -99 and I'm right now working in a company where I code javascript almost every working day of the year and about two weeks back the thought struck me; I suck at coding javascript.

So now I've gotten some books and am trying to unlearn some of the bad habits I've gathered along the way and learn do things the right way. I've been misinformed in the sense that I've been thinking javascript is an inferior second class citizen in the realm of programming languages, but turns out I've just been using it wrong and getting my information from wrong sources.