Tag: Ubuntu

2011-02-05 14:52:47

Mount failure after failed ubuntu upgrade.

I've had the desktop computer running non-stop for almost two months now. It's got Ubuntu 10.10 running and I let the updates run every now and then.

Today when I was about to start working on some flex code, I noticed update manager had gone zombie in the middle of upgrading the 'mount' package. I tried stopping it and restarting several times and it failed whatsoever at stage preparing replacement for package mount<blablabla> so I decided it's time to restart the heap of junk for once. When I restarted I got "General error mounting filesystems," and the maintenance shell. After wondering about it a bit I noticed that the mount upgrade had left /bin/mount without the execute bit set and thus the system could not run it.

2011-01-26 08:10:19

KDE desktop effects

I was playing a bit with KDE on my work computer running Ubuntu 10.10 and was wondering why it was a bit sluggish and didn't look that good even though the computer isn't that slow. Turns out desktop effects were disabled and I couldn't switch them on and there was no actual error message stating the reason.

Solution was simple:

  1. (backup and) delete ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc
  2. kwin --replace

Running kwin on console printed out info about it finding NVidia opengl drivers and enabling desktop effects.