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Work work work.(Something an orc would say)

by Jaakko Nissiat 2010-06-11 22:40:11

First week in a new job is behind me. I like it. The company is good, the people are nice and the job interesting. First time I'm working on something such large scale that the estimated user base is millions rather than thousands as in the projects I've worked on earlier. I think I might elaborate when we get to public beta.

The kid decided to start standing up leaning on her toybox. This happened on Monday, and she was only 5months, two weeks old. Now she's trying stand up all the time(and fails every now and then with a loud thud.)

Of open source works and magick obscura.

by Jaakko Nissiat 2010-06-06 10:04:04

I have been a proud user of open source software for years. Ever since I first stumbled upon Linux at work somewhere around -99 I've been a lost cause. On 2003 I removed the last closed source programs from my computers (Including windows [something]) and I've kept them open source save for a couple of games and some random piece of software I've had to test for work. I've also gotten my significant other and parents to abandon some well known closed software packages(Except my brother fucked up my parents' computer and installed Windows.)