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Yii to the resque.

by Jaakko Nissiat 2011-02-22 08:57:32

Yea, I've written the site anew using yii php framework and it only took me two weeks to do that. And even then I've only had about an hour per day of free time on most days.

There's still a lot to do, but yii really does make building web sites a breeze. I can't wait to find out everything I can manage to code here.

Drupal 7

by Jaakko Nissiat 2011-02-06 22:08:15

I updated the site to drupal 7. It went smoothly, but I lost a lot of functionality.... Thus there will be a completely rewritten site here relatively soon.

Mount failure after failed ubuntu upgrade.

by Jaakko Nissiat 2011-02-05 14:52:47

I've had the desktop computer running non-stop for almost two months now. It's got Ubuntu 10.10 running and I let the updates run every now and then.

Today when I was about to start working on some flex code, I noticed update manager had gone zombie in the middle of upgrading the 'mount' package. I tried stopping it and restarting several times and it failed whatsoever at stage preparing replacement for package mount<blablabla> so I decided it's time to restart the heap of junk for once. When I restarted I got "General error mounting filesystems," and the maintenance shell. After wondering about it a bit I noticed that the mount upgrade had left /bin/mount without the execute bit set and thus the system could not run it.

KDE desktop effects

by Jaakko Nissiat 2011-01-26 08:10:19

I was playing a bit with KDE on my work computer running Ubuntu 10.10 and was wondering why it was a bit sluggish and didn't look that good even though the computer isn't that slow. Turns out desktop effects were disabled and I couldn't switch them on and there was no actual error message stating the reason.

Solution was simple:

  1. (backup and) delete ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc
  2. kwin --replace

Running kwin on console printed out info about it finding NVidia opengl drivers and enabling desktop effects.

Of bluray and bad movies...

by Jaakko Nissiat 2010-07-10 23:15:09

I'm actually amazed I haven't seen that much bad movies in my life. Maybe I've just managed to watch only the good movies, or maybe I've just stopped watching every time there's been something bad on and forgotten about it. And the only really bad zombie movie I can recall was House of the Dead, which was aired just a couple months ago and I could only watch first 20 minutes of it. Then I decided it was time for some Fallout goodness. Anywho, during the last month we've gone and bought three bluray movies to take advantage of our ps3 (aside from playing fallout on it) and seems two thirds of them were utter shit. The other half wanted Twilight(the first one). I haven't even watched it, but she tells me it's not worth watching and is total bs compared to the books.