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Do not buy Sony Xperia Z1 compact!

by Jaakko Nissiat 2014-03-01 08:41:37

Now that I've caught your attention, by all means; Go buy Sony Xperia Z1 compact. It's an awesome little phone. Emphasis is on the word little.

As a previous phone I had Galaxy Nexus, which itself wasn't too large in itself but I had refrained from getting any of the newer phones just because they are either underpowered (Think "mini") or just way too large for my hands/pockets/mental health. I had to think smaller and the compact provides by being a few millimeters smaller than the GNexus in just about every dimension.

Bethesda and their shitty QA.

by Jaakko Nissiat 2011-11-17 07:11:46

I bought Skyrim for my PS3. It arrived yesterday and I had some time to try it out at night. At the very beginning of the game just after character creation when the pc is about to be butchered and the dragon arrives, the dragon used a shout to knock down people and the pc fell forward as well. Guess what; the game came to a full halt as well. Had to reboot the console.

Yes, I know. The game is a massive undertaking and may contain bugs just because of it's sheer size, but fuck! I can't play the first five or so minutes without a crash. Both Fallouts did the same until patch x^10 so it's nothing new, but it just makes me wonder.

Speed demon.

by Jaakko Nissiat 2011-09-23 17:57:19

I made some modifications to the code again. Actually a quite large mod to the way javascript is loaded. I rewrote parts of the Yii CClientScript to use jsmin.php(I based this on an Yii extension which was iirc ClientScriptPacker).

Now if I make a modification to any of the included javascript files, the minified source packs get automatically regenerated and served with cache-busting. This adds the inconvenience of having to add all used js-libraries in a common init function for all controllers.

Some updates

by Jaakko Nissiat 2011-07-23 16:29:52

To celebrate the first user other than myself I started the work on the site i18n/l10n. Luckily Yii again makes that quite easy, the most difficult thing actually being creating a robust language selection ui XD The two flags on the right upper corner didn't actually work on the first go on every page.

At the same go I added the google plusones just for the fun of it. Also the old javascript files make a brief reappearance until I get the javascript minification to perform well enough I can safely say everything works.

Energy Catalyzer

by Jaakko Nissiat 2011-06-27 15:26:07

There is one thing I've been enthusiastically monitoring for a while (some three months) now; Andrea Rossi's Energy Catalyzer.

It really seems the technology might well prove legit and if it does it will revolutionize the everyday life of each one of us. Cheap, clean electricity for everyone (Hell yeah I'm going to buy a household reactor when they start selling those.) and all vehicles powered by a kind of micro fusion. All this from a small amount of nickel powder, some light hydrogen(no deuterium needed) and some yet unknown catalyst(which according to Rossi is non-toxic, non-nuclear, abundant and cheap.) It'll be nice to see the future.