Of bluray and bad movies...

by Jaakko Nissiat 2010-07-10 23:15:09

I'm actually amazed I haven't seen that much bad movies in my life. Maybe I've just managed to watch only the good movies, or maybe I've just stopped watching every time there's been something bad on and forgotten about it. And the only really bad zombie movie I can recall was House of the Dead, which was aired just a couple months ago and I could only watch first 20 minutes of it. Then I decided it was time for some Fallout goodness.

Anywho, during the last month we've gone and bought three bluray movies to take advantage of our ps3 (aside from playing fallout on it) and seems two thirds of them were utter shit. The other half wanted Twilight(the first one). I haven't even watched it, but she tells me it's not worth watching and is total bs compared to the books.

The one movie worth watching in the three was surprisingly Sweeney Todd. I would have never guessed I would be telling everyone who's into good movies to watch a musical. But then again I really like The nightmare before christmas and Corpse bride. (Oh, I might also like Edward the scissorhand, I just haven't seen it in some 15 years.) If you like Burton's movies definitely watch this one. Looks really good on bluray too.

Then the real disappointment. I mentioned House of the dead earlier just because I might have to reconsider if it really is the worst zombie movie ever. We went and bought Zombieland, largely because it was compared to Undead on IMDB. Worst use of 25 euros. Ever. It seems to be just a bad teenager comedy about the young protagonist(who is at first introduced to have irritable bowel syndrome and thus goes to toilet, what, once?) wanting to get laid. And it's a bad comedy because there's nothing to make you laugh. The only original idea seems to be pop-up 3d "rules" of the main character, but they are only used extensively in the very beginning of the movie and after that only twice or thrice and seemingly on afterthought. Oh, the zombies. They are really lame, just bad extras with very unimaginative and downright amateurish make-up. Also blood looks like fucking carrot juice. The effects make Bad taste look like a hundred billion dollar production in comparison. For some reason even the picture quality seems somehow blurry compared to Sweeney Todd.

Do not buy Zombieland, rent it first and then decide if it's worth any more of your money.

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