Some updates

by Jaakko Nissiat 2011-07-23 16:29:52

To celebrate the first user other than myself I started the work on the site i18n/l10n. Luckily Yii again makes that quite easy, the most difficult thing actually being creating a robust language selection ui XD The two flags on the right upper corner didn't actually work on the first go on every page.

At the same go I added the google plusones just for the fun of it. Also the old javascript files make a brief reappearance until I get the javascript minification to perform well enough I can safely say everything works.

It's been a three-week vacation, so I'll be making more frequent updates when I get to work again next Monday.

Now I feel stdpui. That's cleared it up for me
by: Muhammed
06.09.2012 в 10:55Вам нужно вместо метода rndeer($view, $data) использовать метод rndeerPartial($view, $data).Например так:public function actionSome(){ $data = 'Some data'; echo $this->renderPartial($this->action->id, compact('data'));} [url=]cxyifhx[/url] [link=]adyjxul[/link]
by: Jefren
There is one aspect of this that might be worth <a href="">meintoning</a>, since it seems to be a common problem: the question of whether you can use this method to pass parameters to the view itself i.e. whether you can use the $data array to pass on something arbitrary like test'=>123 that you want to use in the view.As I understand this from , this isn't possible. renderPartial('_form', array('model'=>$model,'test'=>123)); ?> will not allow you to include a echo $test in your view. Instead you'll get a 500 error.If you want to pass parameters to a view (for example, if you want to use an actionCreate but pre-fill some attributes from the referring page), you need to build this into the action and you need to capture the parameters in the controller or the view. There are several ways of doing this: one is to use a Yii param (though I confess I don't know that very well, yet). The other, I think, is to include it in the post or get and modify the controller action you are invoking so it recognises the parameter(s) you are passing.
by: Liliana
Well in this specific exlpmae, include' would only display the contents of update.php' and nothing else at the very best. If you use the frameworks render function, the contents of update.php' would be displayed as well as the contents of the layout you are using and any of the layout's partials. Also, Yii was built as a MVC framework. What you speak of goes against the conventions of MVC. If you do not treat update.php' as a view, it would be hard to understand your code. Following standard MVC practices would make your code more readable, which is a huge advantage in the long run. [url=]xwzjdtr[/url] [link=]zkarwz[/link]
by: Jen

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