Energy Catalyzer

by Jaakko Nissiat 2011-06-27 15:26:07

There is one thing I've been enthusiastically monitoring for a while (some three months) now; Andrea Rossi's Energy Catalyzer.

It really seems the technology might well prove legit and if it does it will revolutionize the everyday life of each one of us. Cheap, clean electricity for everyone (Hell yeah I'm going to buy a household reactor when they start selling those.) and all vehicles powered by a kind of micro fusion. All this from a small amount of nickel powder, some light hydrogen(no deuterium needed) and some yet unknown catalyst(which according to Rossi is non-toxic, non-nuclear, abundant and cheap.) It'll be nice to see the future.

And here's hoping it won't turn out as a hoax.(Beginning to seem quite unlikely.)

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"In many ways cold fusion is silmair to s perpetual motion machines." In NO way is cold fusion like a perpetual motion machine. It does NOT continue to produce heat energy after the 'fuel' is exhausted. There is a 'fuel' made up of Ni powder, Hydrogen gas and a 'catalyst' that supports the reaction. Quite possibly, the hydrogen enters the metal lattice and loses the electrons, where protons become neutrons. Then there is little repulsion keeping the neutrons out of the nucleus (Neutron Capture). For now, the process is still called 'cold fusion'. If a new theory is developed, the name can be changed. jdh
by: Cino
some will be curious to BUY E-CAT and they will prove or <a href="">divpsore</a> it for Rossi. That was his intended goal. Apparently, there are somewhere between 0 and 10,000 + people interested in doing so. When the results are out from that social experiment, it will go viral, and you and I can decided if that is proof enough then to BUY E-CAT I can guess, however, if it goes viral, Rossi will have death threats, one of which could succeed, and it may be too late for you to BUY E-CAT
by: Edwin
It is possible to expalin and understand the process and theorybehind cold fusion without being a physicist as long as you havea firm grasp of logic and the right well written references. I just readone discrediting post saying one needs to read 1000 papers tobegin to understand cold fusion. This is nonsense.I think that a lot of otherwise educated and rational people are just nottaking the time to read and instead assume a presumption by hearsay. [url=]mayzswubtz[/url] [link=]xmufgw[/link]
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