Playstation and the so called "welcome back bonus"

by Jaakko Nissiat 2011-06-05 12:29:57

When I heard about Sony's welcome back programme, which is supposed to be a thank you for our patience while they dealt with the fallout of the break-in, I immediately thought something along the lines of: Fuck, they lose our personal information, possibly our credit card information too and as an apology they offer one month subscription to their paid service. Why not offer some LSD too on the side?

Way to think of possible ways to thank loyal customers of their patience, Sony marketing department!

Sony playstation break-in marketing
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by: Vasco
None of your points are fcautally evident in something being better. I prefer the PS3 because it suits me. The credit card info is input once (as long as the card is valid) and done. I have purchased things in the PSN Store and it has been easy. I have not used the Live Store so I cannot say what the difference is. I base my opinion strictly on the genre of games I play and the media options of the PS3. I am not a big DLC believer. I like to point out to all the gamers that think that Live is a far more advantageous way of gaming, trade it in when you are done. You can't.Of course this goes for PS3 as well. My point is that typically the ability to download full games on Live has been a selling point for many. I like hard copies that I can trade in. Most of the games out now take only a couple of hours to beat and then you are stuck with nothing or repetitive online play. To me trading it in is the way to go. I see it as you can get another online able game and continue to play storylines also. That way you are gaming for cheap as you get some money out of them games. Obviously, if you like a game, keep it. And if one of the online games you traded is cheaper than what you traded it back for, go get it if it was the bomb. Usually a game trades back around 40% what you paid for it and eventually is cheaper than that to buy after some time. You can expect price drops on good games to take several months giving you plenty of play time. Don't take to long or you will miss the chance to trade it at a decent return. [url=]nuxxza[/url] [link=]xarffcz[/link]
by: Alexis
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by: Alif

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