Learning javascript.

by Jaakko Nissiat 2011-04-16 14:39:26

Nothing new in a while because I'm busy learning javascript.

Yeah, that's right. I've been coding javascript since -99 and I'm right now working in a company where I code javascript almost every working day of the year and about two weeks back the thought struck me; I suck at coding javascript.

So now I've gotten some books and am trying to unlearn some of the bad habits I've gathered along the way and learn do things the right way. I've been misinformed in the sense that I've been thinking javascript is an inferior second class citizen in the realm of programming languages, but turns out I've just been using it wrong and getting my information from wrong sources.

So the next update here will be the javascript written the right way(tm) or atleast a bit less in the wrong way(tm).

P.S. Anyone wanna buy me a Kindle v3?

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