Nuclear safety 101

by Jaakko Nissiat 2011-03-12 22:28:49

About two days ago a magnitude 8.8(8.9?) earthquake, a tsunami and a number of aftershocks hit the east coast of japan. Among the sheer amount of human tradegy there was one event that really stood out.

The Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant suffered a power failure as the tsunami cut off-site power and apparently made the on-site diesel generators be counted as off-site power source as well. This led to the coolant circulation system failure, temperature buildup in the core and currently some kind of explosion, some radiation leak but apparently no core meltdown at least. This has had me pondering all day...

  • Why is the plant cooling dependent of off-site power?
  • Why is the on-site power off-site power when seen from the generator room?
  • Why is there no non-electric emergency cooling?

I thought maybe the following system could be considered:

  1. An array of stirling engines is connected to both the hot and the cold side of the coolant channels and they all generate on-site electricity.
  2. Another array of stirlings is connected to the hot coolant channels and an external cold source(sea water?) and also generate electricity.
  3. Third array of stirlings pump "manually" i.e. they are connected to pumps and when the plant operates normally are disconnected by clutch discs kept open by electric magnets connected to the both off-site and on-site power and only operate if both power sources are lost.

This would make me think there would always be sufficient cooling power even if all possibilities of getting electricity to run the pumps is lost. The most reliable version of stirling should be used, about one half of any array should be enough to cool the reactor and at most one third of an array should be taken offline for maintenance at any point in time.

Disclaimer: I am not any kind of professional on all things nucular and this is just off the top of my head. If there is a patent for this type of safety, I am not associated with it and if there is not, there won't be now. =)

Nuclear power Safety Japan Earthquake Tsunami
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