Open source guitar teacher.

by Jaakko Nissiat 2011-03-07 11:14:08

With the introduction of real guitars Like this as game controllers I have started pondering the feasibility of a open source guitar teaching tool. The Stratocaster has a midi port. Actually midi is the primary connection of the guitar as it is connected to the console with a separate midi adapter. Compared to the hefty price tag of 1500€+ of a "real" midi capable electric guitar, 230€ at Thomann sounds like a real bargain.

I've already got one of these while waiting for the real thing, and while it doesn't feel anything near authentic, it's still fun to play the game and take my first steps towards learning to play a guitar with it. It's also got a midi port so when I got some free time from developing this site I might consider looking into creating some kind of guitar teacher for Linux.

open source Midi Guitar Rock Band

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