Of open source works and magick obscura.

by Jaakko Nissiat 2010-06-06 10:04:04

I have been a proud user of open source software for years. Ever since I first stumbled upon Linux at work somewhere around -99 I've been a lost cause. On 2003 I removed the last closed source programs from my computers (Including windows [something]) and I've kept them open source save for a couple of games and some random piece of software I've had to test for work. I've also gotten my significant other and parents to abandon some well known closed software packages(Except my brother fucked up my parents' computer and installed Windows.)

But but... I would like to call myself an open source developer as well, yet all I've ever accomplished in the open source world has been a couple of bug reports to various projects and fev helpful code snippets on a dev forum or two. I have none other than myself to blame. I just don't want to waste my precious spare time coding something according to specifications set by other people and that's why I've started my own projects whenever I've needed some new piece of software. Only someone always manages to write similar software before I get around to publishing mine and then my software seems inferior in comparison and I scrap it. Please everyone; stop developing until I get whatever I'm coding published.

No, really. I might be able to see my game through some day.

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